From the author of The Reciprocality Project white papers:

"Reciprocality is a private project to better understand the nature of the stresses and challenges facing the
software industry at the moment, particularly in respect of deep cultural issues in the model of the nature of
work. The intention is to be able to assist organisations to create conditions where they can maximise their
ability to attract, retain and get the best from able staff, while ensuring that younger staff are provided with
the conceptual and technical mentoring necessary to develop into aware and effective creative engineers.

The project is evaluating 10 years teaching experience in a very broad social and cultural context, and
appears to be generating interesting results. It would seem that the way that software engineering is
perceived in society at large can tell us much about difficulties society will face as the economy becomes
more clearly dominated by Information Age issues."

- Alan Geoffrey Carter

I downloaded the whole project site in PDF and checked out some of the articles. Though it may be dated old, I think it contains some valuable information.

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